Airbnb'ing around the World!

We have been fortunate enough to take 3 months off travelling. Our trip so far has taken us to some amazing countries. From Japan, through Korea, onto Nepal, and at the moment travelling through India then Sri Lanka.
In many of the places we have travelled, we have used Airbnb for our place to stay. Its been a great experience for us as hosts, to see how other Airbnb hosts from Tokyo to Calcutta manage their places and strive to provide great local experiences. One thing is for sure, without fail everyone is trying to raise the bar. All hosts, when they find out we are also hosts, want to see pictures of our places, and want to find out what things they can do to improve. It's felt a bit like being part of a user group, with everyone learning off each other.
Certainly though if you want to experience a city or region in a more genuine way, almost as a local, Airbnb is the way to go. With local insights, feeling part of the community and the personal touch from the hosts, it increases the richness of the travel experience.
So far we have been hosted in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Seoul, Kathmandu and Calcutta. Our next host is in Sri Lanka, and I'm sure that stay will be as memorable as our other Airbnb experiences. 
If you are interested in pictures of some of the places we have stayed, we are posting images on our Mango Jam Manly Facebook page.