SUP'ing in Manly

Our Christmas presents to ourselves this year were Stand Up paddleboards or SUP’s. The idea was to give us access to the harbour around Manly, and a good core workout, and so far so good!

We decided to buy inflatable boards from Red Paddle Co through their local Manly agent Stand Up Paddle Gear Manly for the convenience of storage, and because they are indestructible.


It’s been fantastic, launching from Manly Cove just meters away from our new East Esplanade apartment and heading out to local beaches like Forty Baskets, Collins Beach and Reef beach. These being only accessible from the water or by foot, means they are often empty, yet so close to the hustle of Manly.


The great thing about SUP’ing is it gives you time to take it all in, and being stood up the ideal viewpoint. From taking in the beautiful houses and apartments that surround the shoreline on the way to little Manly, to peering down through the really clear water to see the marine life. We were even lucky enough to see a small fairy penguin recently darting around under the water near little Manly.


For our guests visiting Manly you can also enjoy the experience as SUP’s are available for hire from Manly Kayak Centre which is only 300m from each of the apartments, close to the Wharf.


So when you are visiting, take the time out to enjoy the harbour and get a good workout at the same time, and for those more experienced or more enthusiastic, there is regular SUP Ball played next to the wharf.