Manly’s bar scene is growing up

When we first moved to the Manly area 17 years ago, there was little variety in the bar and restaurant scene. Aside from the large pub hotels there were no small intimate quirky bars, and restaurants. Very different from the European environment we were used to.

However over the last few years the licensing laws changed, encouraging new young bar owners to offer a different eating and drinking experience. Bars restaurants like Hemmingways and ChicaBonita started a trend of cool interesting bars that provided an interesting twist to Manly’s nightlife.

Even the large pubs responded with major makeovers of the Ivanhoe and The Steyne creating smaller bars within itself like Moonshine that not only has great views across the beach but is a regular music venue for some top class bands.  

It seems like every month a new place pops up and they all seem to be roaring successes, showing that people love variety. The Little Love Inn just opened in one of the more conventional buildings on the beachfront, but has captured a cool retro, beach feel.

So when you are in Manly next be sure to explore the alley and lane ways to uncover it's hidden bar gems.